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Thomas Jefferson, the Megalonyx, ThomasJefferson width=

and the Legacy

by Clayton E. Ray, H. Gregory McDonald, Fred v. Grady, and Jerry N. McDonald

Thomas Jefferson, an extraordinary communicator, is often considered to be among the most accomplished expressions of the American Enlightenment. Among the many subject areas of interest to Jefferson was natural history, and his writings in this subject area, although rare, were superlative demonstrations of the thoughts of the time and the direction that the youthful science of natural history was moving. This book looks first and foremost at Jefferson’s grasp and practice of science; it focuses in particular upon his efforts to document, describe, interpret, and preserve the remains of parts of the skeleton of an extinct ground sloth from what is now West Virginia, the first extinct land mammal to be described from the continent. Thereafter, it expands upon the science of the ground sloth that has unfolded since he initially authored his account of the existence of this form of life and reviews how Jefferson’s science has been viewed, overlooked, or criticized since he lived and wrote.

• Perfect bound, 6x9; estimated list price $27.95; 978-1-935778-27-1; estimated pagination 200 pages; color and b/w figures; estimated release February 2018.



Outdoor Women inside the Forest ServiceOutdoor Women inside the Forest Service

– 1970-2017

by Lauren Turner, Foreword by Abigail (Gail) R. Kimbell

The US Forest Service was established in 1905 and for the following 60-70 years was staffed largely by men engaged primarily with the production of timber. Social and economic changes that emerged from the civil rights and environmental movements of the 1960s and 1970s, however, changed the scope and priorities of the service and created opportunities for women to find employment within the agency. Here, career Forest Service employee Lauren Turner offers a brief history of the agency and then profiles the careers of 42 women who have spent most or all of their working lives in that agency. A final chapter reviews the collective challenges, records, and rewards of women who have been integrated into the Forest Service since the 1960s.

• Perfect bound, 6x9; estimated list price $29.95; 978-1-935778-39-4; estimated pagination 300 pages; color and b/w figures; estimated release February 2018.