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-Standard Themes for Educational Progress

by David A. Silverberg (Click for author info)


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Governors in 48 states and two territories helped develop the national Standards in Common Core Mathematics and Common Core Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum (a.k.a. Language Arts) curricula. It is possible that some 2.8 million teachers will be affected by these new national Standards. Standards for Science and Social Studies are currently created by each state, and some states are in the process of revising Standards for these subjects.

In 2008, Dr. David Silverberg created a series of easy-to-use manuals which make the process of adapting state Standards to teachers’ instructional methods quick and easy. STEPS are Standards-based manuals that have reorganized learning objectives into teacher-friendly themes and presentation. The themes are vertically aligned—literally and figuratively—to display the progression of content and skill mastery through a child’s entire K-12 school career.

Designed to hang like a calendar in any classroom or administrative office, each manual features a different content area based on national or state-specific expectations. The manuals also feature tables that display the number of objectives within each learning strand for each grade level in the curriculum. This evidences previously unidentified gaps in the learning progression and identifies places offering opportunities for improving student achievement.

Each manual was developed with feedback from teacher focus groups and content-area experts with the intent of creating a user-friendly, high-impact resource for improved instruction, differentiation, and professional development.

Already active in Ohio in four content areas and 13 grade levels, the most recent district feedback indicates improvement on standardized test scores!

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