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Birds of Western Lake Erie cover
2006, 7 x 8.75", XXII+ 306 pages, b/w illustrations, bibliography, appendices, index.

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Natural History

Birds of Western Lake Erie

- Documented Observations and Notes 1850 - 1980

by Milton B. Trautman with Mary A. Trautman (Click for author info)

$34.95 Hardcover
ISBN 0-9768547-1-6; 978-0-9768547-1-5

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Birds of Western Lake Erie, was Milton B. Trautman's last publication. In it he shares over half a century of his observations and notes concerning the birds of western Lake Erie, which accounts for a total of 223 species. The book was compiled from the author's daily diaries and check lists of birds by species and numbers, which were initiated in his early adulthood and continued throughout his lifetime. The notations have been supplemented through relevant publications and conversations with ornithologists, personnel associated with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, residents at Lake Erie, managers of marshes, former market hunters and sportsmen, wildlife writers, fellow birders, and many others. The writing was initiated in the spring of 1977 and most of the manuscript was completed before the death of his wife and scientific collaborator, Mary (Auten) Trautman.

The manuscript was re-read during the summer of 2001 by Professor John M. Condit and Jennifer Matthews, then a graduate student at the University of Ohio, and made additional corrections. John revised the scientific nomenclature to agree with the present-day accepted names of the birds, and upgraded this information using the 7th edition (1998) of the A.O.U. Checklist of North American Birds. This edition does not list subspecies, so only the specific name of each bird is used.