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In the Footsteps of George Washington

- A Guide to Sites Commemorating Our First President

by William G. Clotworthy (click for author info)

$24.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-79-3; 978-0-939923-79-3

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In the Footsteps of George Washington identifies, describes, and provides access information about the more than 250 publicly accessible sites that commemorate the life and legacy of the first President of the United States. This book provides travelers with a roadmap to retrace many of the events and to experience many of the places that made up the life of this notable man.

Section one provides a brief but unusual biography of George Washington in which emphasis is placed on the travels of the man -- his movements across the late colonial and early national landscape of eastern North America: why he traveled, what events transpired, what places were imprinted with his presence.

Section two, the most extensive part of the book, identifies and describes numerous publicly accessible sites that commemorate Washington's life and accomplishments. Location and access information is provided for each site.

Section three identifies sources of additional information about Washington's life and the sites that honor him.