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The Geometric Alphabet of Cultural Landscapes cover

1994, 8.5x11", 88 pages, color illustrations.

Archaeology & Anthropology

The Geometric Alphabet of Cultural Landscapes

by Alexei V. Novikov, editor

$16.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-29-7; 978-0-939923-29-8

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The Geometric Alphabet of Cultural Landscapes contains six articles by prominent Russian philosophers, geologists, geographers, historians, and artists that explore the Russian view of the earth’s surface, how this space has been perceived and interpreted by humans, and the material legacy that this perception and use has produced. This is an important collection of writings that represents one of the earliest compilations of Russian thought on and synthesis of these subjects following the demise of the Soviet Union.

This title is beautifully designed, printed on coated paper, and contains full color throughout. This title was originally issued as Volume 1, Number 1, of a new journal geoGraffity, but it was issued as a stand-alone volume with a separate title and with articles that focused on a central theme. The journal did not survive.


Chapter 1: "The Harmony of Global Space" by V.N. Sholpo; Chapter 2: "The Geometric Alphabet of Cultural Landscapes" by A.V. Bokov; Chapter 3: "The Point" by P.A. Florensky; Chapter 4: "The Heraldic ‘Theater’ of Russian Cities" by S.V. Rogatchev; Chapter 5 "The Crimea: Culture, Art, Landmarks" by M. Voloshin; Chapter 6: "The Art of Travel" by B. B. Rodoman.