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Indian Mounds
of the Atlantic Coast
1987, 6 x 9", 162 pages, 77 b&w figures, including maps drawings, photos

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Indian Mounds of the Atlantic Coast

-A Guide to Sites from Maine to Florida

by Jerry N. McDonald (click for author info) and Susan L. Woodward

$14.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-03-3; 978-0-939923-02-8

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The mounds and mound-like features of the Atlantic Coast Region of the United States were built by many groups of Native Americans for various reasons over a span of some 5,000 years. This guide provides background and access information to 42 extant, publicly accessible mounds, earthworks, shell middens, stone structures, and other artificial landscape features found from Maine to Florida, including West Virginia. The book reviews the geography and chronology of the various peoples who built these features and summarizes the perception and fate of the mounds and other structures during the Historic Period. Sources of additional information about the archeological features and their builders are identified.