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History of Science

Bibliography and Archival Guide to the Writings of Edwin Lincoln Moseley

Compiled by Ronald L. Stuckey
with the assistance of Relda E. Neiderhofer (Click for author info)

Published by: Ronald L. Stuckey, RLS Creations.
Distributed by: The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company.

$19.95 Hardcover
ISBN 0-9668034-6-9; 978-0-9668034-6-4

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Edwin Lincoln Moseley was a college professor with an eccentric personality, a developer of original teaching methodologies, and a scientific investigator with keen observation skills. He was a man of diverse interests who garnered the attention of popular writers and newspaper reporters. Moseley was a frequent subject of magazine and newspaper articles, and via those media, his popularity and fame spread widely. During the 1940s, Paul W. Jones of the Bowling Green State University news bureau continually wrote and distributed press releases about the man's unusual peculiarities and scientific research. The University itself was responsible for his popularity, while at the same time the institution gained wide recognition as a growing research university moving toward shedding its teacher college image.

The Bibliography and Archival Guide to the Writings of Edwin Lincoln Moseley is an attempt to list all of the known written contributions, as well as those of other authors, who wrote about or interpreted Moseley's writings to professional scientists in journals or to the general public in magazines or newspapers. The bibliography as compiled here, therefore contains more than only the writings by Moseley. Copies of nearly all of these writings by and about Moseley and his work have been assembled by Ronald L. Stuckey as an archival file deposited in the manuscript collection at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, Ohio.