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The New Patterns in the Sky

- Myths and Legends of the Stars

by Julius D.W. Staal (click for author info)

$27.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-04-1; 978-0-939923-04-5

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The New Patterns in the Sky — a modern classic in the literature of sky lore — is a comprehensive collection of myths, legends, and historical notes about each of the 88 constellations and the sun, moon, Milky Way, and shooting stars. Star maps depict the constellations with outline figures. Written for the non-specialist and widely respected by professional planetarians, this book provides a substantive review of the familiar star lore of classical Southwest Asian and Mediterranean civilizations as well as that of ancient China, South Asia, and traditional societies of northern Eurasia, North and South America, the Pacific Islands, and Australasia. This is one of the must-have books that should be in the library of every enthusiast of mankind’s enchantment with the night sky.