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Ownership and Productivity
of Marine Fishery Resources cover
1988, 6 x 9", XII+ 122 pages, 17 b&w figures, glossary, suggested readings.

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Natural Resources & Conservation

Ownership and Productivity of Marine Fishery Resources

- An Essay on the Resolution of Conflict in the Use of the Ocean Pastures

by Elmer A. Keen (Click for author info)

$14.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-05-X; 978-0-939923-05-2

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At a time when the health and future viability of the world's oceans is becoming a subject of growing social, political and ecological concern, Elmer A. Keen has offered a timely and thought provoking analysis of the present use of the marine fishery resources. To permit marine fisheries to remain viable, Keen argues that their current management as common resources must be changed and suggests a paradigm by which a top-to-bottom reformation of the industry to one based on ownership of the resource, coupled with profit incentives for the resource owner, might be accomplished. Revisionary when new, this book is now considered near the mainstream of thinking about the management of marine fisheries and the conservation of this important resource.