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Presidential Sites

- A Directory of Places associated with Presidents of the United States

by William G. Clotworthy (click for author info)

$26.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-939923-64-5; 978-0-939923-64-9

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Presidential Sites identifies, provides the location of, and briefly describes more than 1000 places that are associated with the Presidents of the United States. The directory includes extant sites directly associated with the presidents, such as birthplaces, marriage sites, homes, battlefields, places of business, churches, libraries, and burial sites, as well as commemorative sites such as monuments, memorials, and public and private institutions.

Entries are arranged by President, in chronological order according to a president's first association with a site. The location and significance of each site are described briefly. Basic chronological data are provided for each president. Appendices list colleges attended by the presidents and presidential sites by state and country. A bibliography lists the most useful books available on presidential sites.

This book is the most complete, readily accessible, and convenient-to-use directory available on presidential sites. It will serve as both a reference volume and traveler's companion for those wanting rapid and easy access to a comprehensive listing of presidential sites. This book should be especially in demand and useful as interest in presidential history and sites grows.