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STEPS Standard Themes for Educational Progress TM -Reviews

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Endorsements from Teachers:

“It’s really good stuff! I can see many ways that we can use the STEPS to clarify connections. I think it will also help us determine how much time should be spent on certain units. This document will definitely be useful.” – Sheryl Budd, Biology Teacher, Ashland High School (Ohio)

"The STEPS series allows teachers to easily see the vertical correlation of GLIs between grade levels above and below the grade level taught. These guides are quick and easy to use." – Rachel Burgett, 5th Grade Teacher, Osborn Elementary School

“…this tool is very beneficial and is referred to daily!” – Nicole Cassell, 5th Grade Teacher, Keystone Elementary School (Ohio)

Endorsements from Administrators:

“It is a great, useful, teacher-friendly document that supports our understanding of shared responsibility across grade levels.” – Terri Jewett, Elementary Curriculum Director, Ashland City Schools (Ohio)

"I can't wait to share them with our teachers! – Shannon Federinko, Associate Principal, Claggett Middle School
Exhibitor Coordinator, Ohio Middle Level Association.

“I was amazed by the instructional conversations that took place when Dr. Silverberg introduced the STEPS manual to our teachers."– Bruce P. Bradley, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Keystone Local Schools

"With the cooperation of curriculum directors and teachers at various grade-levels, we were able to create a useable tool which will be used to continue communicating the articulation alignment needs with the science curriculum." – Neil Kenneth Gupta, Ed. D., Director of Secondary Curriculum, Ashland City Schools (Ohio)

Endorsements from Universities:

"STEPS is a systematic and systemic tool designed by teachers for teachers. It has the potential to be an effective resource for educators at all grade levels."– Dwight L. McElfresh, Ed.D., Executive Director, Professional Development Services

Professional References:

Please feel free to contact Ms. Halasa to talk about the STEPS series. She is familiar with the manuals for Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science.

Katrina Halasa
K-12 Learning Specialist, Science
Akron Public Schools
330-761-3117 (phone)
330-701-2985 (cell)