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The Birch -Reviews

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"Is your child studying Indians or folklore in school this year? This book presents excellent information on a commonly used tree. Peyton brings together stories of how people around the world (northern hemisphere) have used birch trees. The bark has wrapped food, covered homes, and even protected babies from the cold. It is well written and keeps your interest.... This book will give you an opportunity to discuss man's innate need to worship something larger than himself with your child. - Diana Pederson, BellaOnline's Christian Literature Editor, January 2007

"Buy the book if you are keen on the birch or interested in tree mythology and North tribes, especially the Anishinabeg (Northern Ojibway)." - Arboricultural Journal, November 1995


"Subtitled Bright Tree of Life and Legend, this book details for the reader more natural history, more super-natural history, more quoted verse and prose, and more nicely executed black and white drawings about the tree commonly known as the paper birch than one could possibly believe interesting. Surprise, surprise, the book holds the reader’s interest, and causes this reviewer to wonder how Peyton knew that 73 pages are exactly enough to cover the subject." - The Roanoke Times & World News, October 2, 1994