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Forests in Peril -Reviews

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"...is a scientific chronicle of the deciduous forest landscape [history of the eastern North American forest],…a personal account of how Delcourt started out as a historian of trees and morphed into a full-fledged Quaternary paleoecologist, … and [a look] forward into time as the seemingly imminent "Greenhouse Effect" threatens to change the world as we know it.

"In Forests in Peril, Delcourt tells the fascinating story of her quest for the origins of American hardwood forests. While her topic is serious and scholarly, her writing style is spirited, her descriptions enchanting, and the personal spin on her life's work engaging. I whole-heartedly recommend Forests in Peril to botanists, ecologists, foresters, policymakers, as well as to anyone interested in Quaternary paleobotany, in the workings of paleontological science, or simply in the glorious deciduous forests of eastern North America." - Carole T. Gee, Plant Systematics and Evolution, Vol 248: 249-250, 2004