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Flash Cards of Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America -Reviews

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Reviews from the field.

"We have used the cards numerous times for Envirothon training and classroom programs. They were used in the classroom as well as in the field during presentations to grades 5-12. All teachers and resource people have commented on their usefulness. The pictures and details of the invertebrates are excellent and we have found that the majority of them are the exact ones we need for our various programs."- Ricky Hayes, Resource Conservationist, Wilson Soil & Water Conservation District, North Carolina

"Finally an educational tool that can be used in nature's classroom. Sturdy, coated cards with excellent illustrations and tidbits of information on the back. These flash cards are a wonderful companion to A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America. Well done!"- ZoAnn Morten, The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"The flash cards are an excellent resource for teaching about aquatic invertebrates in the field. They are simple to use and provide clear, easy to understand information. The images are perfect for basic identification!"- Lisa Bickell, Education Director, Montana Natural History Center

"The key (QuickGuide) made the students confident in their identification, and the flash cards helped them to envision the variety of species!"- Doug Darr, Aquatic Education Coordinator, Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

"They are an incredible assent in the field, they are large so even our preschool audience can use them easily. The markings are clear, and they are waterproof and sturdy, which is perfect since you are in a water setting. Love it!"- Katie Nainiger, Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District, Ohio

"We are very pleased with the flash cards. We work in water quality education around the state of Oklahoma by taking people to the streams and teaching them about chemical and biological monitoring and habitat assessment. We help each team collect and sub-sample benthic macroinvertebrates. The cards work beautifully in a sub-sampling situation to show people what they have found and help them learn basic information. We are giving cards to teachers who have been working with us and shown an interest in the material."- Jean Lemmon, Quality Assurance Officer, Statewide Blue Thumb Program, Oklahoma Conservation Commission

"They are exactly what we are looking for use in the classroom. The detail, critter descriptions and artwork are great!"- Craig Shepard, Idaho DEQ

"I have used them for training in the save our streams program; and have found them very useful."- Thomas Vegella, Maryland

Ty Piper, a Fishing Skills Educator in New Mexico posted the following on the Aquatic Resources Education Association's (AREA) listerve in December 2009:

"I just received Set 1, and they are great. The artwork, lamination, the wording on the back all exceed my requirements and are better than what I was using. Voshell did the verbage, Amy B Wright created wonderful artwork, very realistic.

I have been using the QuickGuide to Major Groups of Freshwater Invertebrates - Waterproof; 2-color laminated brochure with 8 panels, each 4.5”w x 9.5”h (accordion fold, size when fully expanded – 18” wide x 9.5” high, printed on both sides);TR-1: ISBN 978-0-939923-01-4, $5.95 US." for months now and I also recomend them for anyone who needs an ID card.

I posted before that I bought the whole set, which includes Voshell's book, A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America, the book lives in my macro fieldkit, and the flash cards.

I just looked and Trish Newcomb of McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company still has this stuff at what I see as a great price if you order the whole set. And no, I don't work for them, nor do I get anything to flog their stuff. I see very good quality in these materials. Set 2 and Set 3 of the Flash Card sets are due out next month.

Here is the link. http://www.mwpubco.com/titles/invertspromotion.htm

I will be using the new flashcards, in fact all these products, next week with over a hundred kids at a pond, Lake Van, next to the Dexter National Fish Hatchery in New Mexico. We will do a survey of aquatic life in the pond, journal all our data in our science fishing notebooks, visit scientists and watch T&E native fish at Dexter (if the fish are OK), do a litter pickup along the shore line, have lunch and go fishing, and do a landscape mural and a duck count. At least that is the plan."