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A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America -Reviews

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"Our Christian families spread out across the country at vacation time. If your family goes camping on vacations, or visits our many State and National parks, you will want this volume. The book is well written.... It will...be shared with the next child that asks me "what is this" for something they fished out of a lake, river, or stream." - Diana Pederson for www.bellaonline.com/articles/art49419.asp, March 2007

"This book is an excellent introduction to the diversity of invertebrates found in the lakes and streams of North America. It is well written and easy to follow for novices and more experienced investigators of these animals. It is intended for a wide audience and includes helpful information for middle and high school students and teachers, as well as local citizens engaged in stream monitoring or other projects investigating their local watersheds. It will also be useful for college-level courses that involve aquatic ecosystems but do not focus specifically on aquatic invertebrates. Additional readers are likely to include anglers and other naturalists interested in learning more about life below the water's surface." - American Entomologist, Summer 2004

"This book admirably achieves its goals. This reviewer knows of no other guide designed for the layperson that helps identify such a broad range of freshwater invertebrates, at least within the last quarter century. The book should prove easy to use by amateurs, from advanced middle school students through adults. ...This work is strongly recommended for all high school, academic, public, and private libraries wherever there is fresh water." - E-Streams, September 2003

"Any naturalist who works with freshwater environments will want a copy of this book as a valued reference. It provides an amazing and comprehensive summary of the most common aquatic invertebrates." - Ohio Dragon Flier, September 2002

"For interpreters and educators, the life history sections provide well-researched and simply written information about each common family listed. Much valuable interpretive background information is available in these sections, particularly regarding interpretive concepts such as adaptation, diversity and change over time. Highly recommended." - NAI-Retion 4 "Four Thought", Fall, 2002

"[Voshell's book is] much more than the typical field guides on the market today.... A comprehensive guide and study tool, it is part field guide and part biology text, the combination of which is what makes this book unique and valuable.... As complete a guide book as you will ever find or need." - Ecobeetle Book Reviews, August 8, 2002