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The New Patterns in the Sky -Reviews

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"Interest in constellations and their lore has enjoyed a growing vogue. . . .Yet, there remains a need for quality popular works, ones that are comprehensive and well balanced. The New Patterns in the Sky fills this need admirably. . . . Looking at the current [edition] of The New Patterns in the Sky, I can appreciate what a major effort it was; to cover the subject comprehensively would require a multivolume work. But Staal chose his samplings well, from the familiar to the exotic. Neat and accurate star maps depict the constellations with outline figures." - George Lovi, Sky and Telescope, January 1989

"The narrative is lively; the book most readable. The illustrations are the best this reviewer has seen for showing the novice the very perspective he will have from earth." - The Classical Outlook, December-January, 1988-1989

"This is the best book now available on this material and well worth owning." - The Griffith Observer, 1989