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Juan Ponce de León -and the Spanish Discovery of Puerto Rico and Florida -Reviews

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"First Columbus's Log, now with exacting detail Fuson makes you a member of Ponce de Leon's expedition to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Florida. For all history buffs, he reveals the exploits of this little written about Spanish explorer." - Bob Martinez, Governor of Florida 1987-91

"There are few scholars, if any, who could have covered this subject with greater clarity. Fuson is a polymath who for years has been in the vanguard of developing important theories relating to Renaissance discovery. He is a geographer who has had first-hand experience in Spain, the Caribbean, and Florida, and he knows these areas extremely well." - Sanford H. Bederman, Professor Emeritus of Geography, Georgia State University and Past President of the Society for the History of Discoveries

"As the first Spanish governor of Puerto Rico, Juan Ponce de León left an indelible imprint on the history of a community that nearly five centuries later has become the United States' Island of Enchantment in the Caribbean Sea. Professor Fuson is to be commended for introducing a wide audience to the life and times of an extraordinary personage." - Pedro Rosselló, Governor of Puerto Rico

"[Fuson] has brought together an extensive collection of facts, original documents, maps, and illustrations bearing on the life and legacy of this important figure. A beautifully written and well-illustrated work that should be in all public and academic libraries." - Library Journal September 1, 2000