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The Snowflake Man -Reviews

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"Two special qualities have made Duncan Blanchard a consistently outstanding writer among meteorologists. First, he apparently has never forgotten the flush of excitement that we all get when some mysterious beauty of nature is revealed to us for the first time. Second, with his gift for graceful prose, this premiere scientist easily makes his delight in nature ours as well." - Weatherwise, July/August 1999

"This book is obviously a labor of love, both well written and attractively designed." - Northern New Hampshire Magazine, November, 1998)

"The saying, 'No two snowflakes are alike!' was originally coined by Wilson A. Bentley, a farmer, scientist and photographer from Jericho, Vermont. Just about everyone has seen one or more of the stunning photographs of snowflakes taken years ago by this amazing man....The Snowflake Man is a biography of Wilson Bentley who spent a lifetime studying the beauty and science of snow crystals. Anyone who loves nature and the snows of winter, as well as the fine sense of what life was like in those times, would like this read." - Windswept, the Quarterly Bulletin of the Mount Washington Observatory, Winter 1998