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Taking Stock -Reviews

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"Attractively produced, this book can serve as a reference publication to all those involved in or interested by the conservation of farm animal genetic diversity but also as a good text book for university students." - Livestock Production Science, 42, 1995

"Buy this book." - Small Farm Today, August 1995

"Extremely well done." - Booklist, August 1994

"Various contributors here make the same argument for livestock breeds that is often made for plant cultivars, that US industrial agriculture, concentrating on only a few animal breeds and ruthlessly engineering them to meet market demands and for efficient feed conversion, is using too many antibiotics and steroids, inviting the triumph of diseases, and endangering the gene pool. Thus the need for a census—the first of its kind in a long time for some breeds. One can observe from the numbers, for instance, the increasing dominance of Holstein dairy cattle and the decline almost to extinction of the fabled Texas longhorn; besides cattle, the census covers asses, goats, horses, sheep, and swine. Finally, there’s a fascinating chapter on the census of feral livestock—mustangs and burros in the West, pigs in the Southeast, etc. Crisp line drawings and graphs break up the statistics nicely. Extremely well done." - John Mort, Booklist, 8/19/94