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TerraAtlas: Central Washington, DC -Reviews

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"...the real fun of a book like this is to study how your city looks from the air. Little details are particularly striking - trains pulling in and out of Union Station, a boat speeding down the Potomac, the shadows of trees along the shore reflected in the water. The aerial perspective gives a hint of how birds see the city, and why certain areas are so good for birdwatching. The southern part of Rock Creek Park appears as a solid mass of trees in between equally solid masses of concrete. With Roosevelt Island, the contrast between the park and its surroundings is even more vivid....TerraAtlas: Central Washington, DC, is well-suited for local residents who want to learn more about topography of the city where they live and work, and for visitors from out of town who have an interest in the Washington landscape." - John Beetham, A DC Birding Blog Review (www.dendroica.blogspot.com/2006/10/review-terraatlas-central-washington.html), September 2006

"Deftly compiled by Naphtali David Rishe, TerraAtlas: Central Washington, DC, is an expansive aerial photographic mapping of the central Washington, DC, and Arlington, Virginia, areas. Comprising a concise, visually informative, superbly executive photographic atlas complete with map-style scale measurement indicators, a street index, points of interest index that serves as an easily accessible landmark locator, TerraAtlas offers readers a "user friendly" visual guide from an overhead perspective. TerraAtlas: Central Washington, DC, is very highly recommended as the ideal atlas for the Washington, DC, and Arlington, Virginia, areas -- and would serve as an excellent template for overhead photographic mapping reference books for other major American cityscapes as well." - James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Mid-West Book Review, Oregon, WI, Small Press Bookwatch, July 2006