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The Other Side of the Medal cover
1990, 6 x 9", XIII+ 182 pages, 35 b&w figures, index.

Biography ~ North American History & Culture ~ History of Science

The Other Side of the Medal

- A Paleobiologist Reflects on the Art and Serendipity of Science

by Everett C. Olson (Click for author info)

$19.95 Hardcover
ISBN 0-939923-13-0; 978-0-939923-13-7

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The Other Side of the Medal is a personal account of the human side of the late Everett C. Olson's distinguished career as a paleobiologist. Origins and the combination of events that led to a formal education at the University of Chicago, the selection of a career, and an interest in the Permian are reviewed. Then Olson vividly describes two decades of field work in Texas, emphasizing the people, places and events that he and his co-workers encountered there at mid-century. The second half of the book is devoted to Olson's pioneering efforts in establishing and strengthening ties between paleontologists of the US and USSR during the Cold War years and especially his deepening friendship with Professor Ivan A. Efremov. Olson and Efremov, two scientists from different cultures, wrestled with opposing philosophies but shared common interests and emotions.

This book will certainly be of interest to the many people who have known Dr. Olson as colleague, mentor, and/or friend. For the general reader, the book provides insights into the career of a distinguished contemporary scientist and represents an important chapter in the 20th century history of paleontology, earth science, and international scientific relations.