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A Handbook for Stream Enhancement & Stewardship -Reviews

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"... An excellent resource that covers the basics of stream enhancement and stewardship. It is a simple easy to follow handbook that explains the science of stream systems, how to assess the systems health and the paths and programs to follow to revitalize your local creeks, rivers and streams. ... offers many descriptive and accurate diagrams as well as comprehensive glossary of terms. It is an invaluable one of a kind tool that will make watershed conservation and protection easier for individuals and groups. Rarely does an effort come along that supplies such a vital need and enables so much positive work to be brought forth. ... an exceptional reference manual." - The Ecobeetle Eco-Library -- Books for Kids, April 2007

"A complete guide to evaluating stream and watershed health. Designed for community groups with little hydrological expertise who are nonetheless concerned about surface water quality..... Full of specific, practical advice and additional resources. Guides reader through advanced stream restoration techniques. An invaluable book for community watershed groups. Highly recommended." - Southeastern Naturalist, Vol. 4, No. 4, 2006

"The handbook is a thorough resource guide to help "citizens, communities, organizations, companies, and governments understand, recognize, and take an active role in planning for environmentally sound, cost-effective stream enhancement." ...provides ideas and information the reader can use in any and all aspects of stream enhancement. One of the best-written chapters is the one about understanding stream bank enhancement on range and pasturelands. Each chapter will "provide citizens with a crash course in the science behind stream systems, the techniques used to assess a watershed and inventory, the health of a stream, and the basic principles and planning of stream enhancement." Figures, graphs, and tables are well designed, and the overall composition of the handbook is excellent. The authors stress the concept, "Healthy streams are critical to providing communities with the economic, ecological, and social benefits that come from clean water." This can only be accomplished by working together." - Jan Wiedemann, College Station, TX, Texas Section Society for Range Management, Rangelands, Volume 28, Number 6, Dec. 2006

"A Handbook for Stream Enhancement & Stewardship...is an excellent study of conservationist activities in dynamically aiding the restoration, enhancement, and environmental maintenance of rivers and streams. Deftly providing readers with a conceptual grasp of the "stewardship" responsibilities of various groups, organizations, individuals, companies, communities, and government planning agencies, A Handbook for Stream Enhancement & Stewardship informatively presents ideas and expertise with which to actively make a difference in maintaining and enhancing rivers and streams for purposes of the flora and fauna dependent upon them.... A core addition to personal, professional, environmental activists, academic, and community library Environmental Studies reference collections. A Handbook for Stream Enhancement & Stewardship is very strongly recommended as an expert informational resource for environmental and waterway restoration and conservation." - James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review, June 2006