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Women Botanists of Ohio cover
1992, 7 x 10", X+ 67 pages, b/w photos and illustrations, references, appendix.

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Botany ~ History of Science

Women Botanists of Ohio

- Born before 1900

by Ronald L. Stuckey (Click for author info)

Published by: Ronald L. Stuckey, RLS Creations.
Distributed by: The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company.

$14.95 Softcover
ISBN 0-9668034-0-X, 978-0-9668034-0-2

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This book has two entirely different purposes. First, it is an essay (on even numbered pages) concerning the contributions to the discipline of botany by 18 Ohio women botanists and one librarian, all who were born before 1900. A list of 90 names of women who were involved with botany in Ohio are in Appendix I. Two botanists born later are also included, because the book is dedicated to their memory.

Second, it is a unique compilation of 14 different calendars (on odd numbered pages) which cover all possible dates between the years 1776 and 2028. These calendars are a handy ready reference for determining future dates necessary for planning events at the office or in the home. They also serve as a reference for dates of the past that occurred in the course of the nation's history, in one's own personal life, or among associated family members. The calendars further provide a means to determine what day of the week a particular birthday or event occurred.